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In STAGES’ 40th year of operation we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing dancers of all ages and levels of experience with a non-competitive atmosphere in which to learn about the performing arts and about themselves.

Costumes for Productions

FALL DEMONSTRATION: For the Demonstration the older students wear their regular dance class attire. The teachers will try to have everyone in the same color and/or type of item (black jazz pants, red t-shirt, blue leotard, etc.), but there is NO expectation for having people to go out and purchase these items.

For the younger classes a primary coloured t-shirt will be assigned to each class (at a minimal charge) to be worn with items that they already have such as jazz pants, tights or leggings.

RECITAL: In Preparation for the June Recital we collect costume deposits of $70.00 per student, per class. This deposit can be made payable on October 15th, and/or split up through November 15th, and/or December 15th. Please make the Costume Deposit payment separate from Class Fee or other payments.

For the Recital we collect deposits in order to get the costume packages to you as soon as possible in the spring once the music and the costumes are settled on. Note that the costume deposit is non-refundable after January 1st. Also note that this is a deposit only – any outstanding balance will be collected later in the spring, or, if the costume comes to less than the deposit, money will be refunded.  Typically the final cost of these costumes comes between $80 and $125 each (some of the costumes cost more: more fabric . . . more fancy . . . more sewing . . . more money).

Please understand that our costumes are largely and almost entirely organized by folks who donate their time and energy to help out. If you are interested in helping out with costumes, please let us know through the fall.

Also note that some sewing may be required to complete a costume. If you do not sew now, please do not start taking lessons (unless you want to). If any sewing or alterations are needed that are beyond your abilities let us know and we will find someone to help.

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Office Hours:

NORMAL OFFICE HOURS (through the school year)

  • Monday                        4:00-8:00
  • Tuesday-Thursday    10:00-2:00
  • Tuesday-Thursday      4:00-8:00
  • Friday                            4:00-8:00
  • Saturday                     10:00-2:00
  • See Important Dates for summer hours

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Our Address:

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