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STAGES Performing Arts School

#301 – 1551 Cedar Hill X Road Victoria, BC    250384-3267


Over the years we have found that having a tangible goal to work towards helps students develop a sense of pride and dedication to their work. To this end we produce two shows each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

FALL DEMONSTRATION: Before the holiday break we have a ‘demonstration’ for parents, family and friends. Each class performs at this ‘demonstration’. This is much like our year-end recital, save that there are no costumes (the students wear their regular dance class attire), and there is no special lighting.

RECITAL: In June we end our year with a recital. Each class has a number in this recital which is rehearsed during regular class time. Unlike the fall production the recital does have rehearsals outside of regular class time, but not until the last week prior to the show.

Office Hours:

NORMAL OFFICE HOURS (through the school year)

  • Monday                        4:00-8:00
  • Tuesday-Thursday    10:00-2:00
  • Tuesday-Thursday      4:00-8:00
  • Friday                            4:00-8:00
  • Saturday                     10:00-2:00
  • See Important Dates for summer hours


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Our Address:
#301 – 1551 Cedar Hill X Road (Behind the Shelbourne MacDonald’s)
Victoria, BC  V8P 2P3
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